My new favorite “go-to” snacks

My new favorite healthy “go-to” snacks

After starting this journey of cleaner eating, I usually try to make my own snacks and treats. But lately life has been busy and I’ve needed to find some new favorite “go-to” snacks. These LaraBars  have only 3 ingredients and taste great! How amazing is that?!  They’ve been wonderful to have on hand to throw in my bag or suitcase. When I’m heading to a meeting or on a trip, I feel good knowing exactly what I’m eating. All the flavors I’ve tried are really tasty but the peanut butter satisfies me the most when I am craving a sweet snack.

Also check out some of my other favorite gluten free snacks… salty, sweet or savory, there are many choices out there!

What are your favorite healthy snacks? Let us know in the comments below.