Acupressure Mats To Help Reduce Pain and Promote Relaxation

Acupressure Mats To Help Reduce Pain and Promote Relaxation

By: Jennifer Manly

If you’re a wellness junkie or just looking for a great product that can elevate your heath and help with aches and pains, then listen up. I have discovered something called acupressure mats and they are game changing. It’s basically like a bed of nails (plastic needles) that you lay on. However, instead of being as painful as it sounds, it’s actually quite therapeutic and relaxing… without the pain!

Why An Acupressure Mat?

Ok, so here’s the deal on this little miracle worker. It helps to stimulate the body to release endorphin hormones, which have a soothing effect on the mind and body. Acupressure mats work great for detoxifying the body, relieving headaches, high blood pressure and constipation. They also help tremendously with back, shoulder and even hip pain. They are also fantastic to use after an intense workout for recovery. If you buy the pillow, then it’s awesome for neck pain as well.

When & How To Use

Acupressure mats are are super light and portable, making them convenient to take them on the go. It’s recommended to use them for only about 10 – 30 minutes a day at the most. You can lay down on it after a long day at work or workout to really let your body relax or you can take it with you to the office, drape it over your chair and sit on it to ease tense muscles during the day. Some people prefer to get the most out of their time and will lay shirtless on the mat (I would definitely recommend being at home for this one). The reason? It allows for the “nails” for have direct access to your skin and tissues, allowing for a deeper pressure. This may be something you want to work up to if you don’t feel quite comfortable with all those pressure points on you just yet.

Promoting Relaxation

I’ve heard from others and from my personal experience (I own my own mat), that once you finish and stand up from your mat, you instantly feel relief throughout your body. For me, I sometimes experience chills, like a wave has washed over me, but in a good way. It’s the relief of letting go of the tension build up that your body and tissues have been storing.

Keep in mind this isn’t necessarily going to solve any major health conditions you may be suffering from. However, aiding your body to stimulate and release hormones and tension in the tissues, while allowing for your body to relax, is an excellent tool to add to your healing journey. Even if you don’t have any major issues, think of it as a deep tissue massage you can receive at home.

Acupressure mats have gained tremendous popularity over the recent years, so you can find them just about anywhere online, but I recommend this this one from Nayoya. Trust me when I say, your body will love you for it.