FAQ: Write for Us

Join the Paxi movement and write for us…

     Write for us and submit content that includes:

  • Healthy living and tips to improve health
  • Your story; why are you inspired to make healthy choices?
  • Experiences that have excited and inspired you. What are they and why do they inspire?
  • DYI – cooking, crafts, hacks and shortcuts
  • Bio-hacking – what has worked for you?
  • Inspiration – who inspires you and why?
  • Products you love that make you happy or healthy or both
  • Time saving products that free you up to do other things
  • Books that you love

Important to Note:

  • If discussing health facts, please include and cite your sources.
  • We love pictures!  If submitting pictures, food and crafts look best on a white or solid background.
  • By submitting, you give the Paxi and our parent company, Holistic Retail Solutions (HRS), the right to publish and once published, the content becomes the property of the Paxi and HRS, LLC.
  • You will receive notice within 3 weeks if we have chosen to publish your content.
  • The writer should include a bio line under their authorship on where people can find more about the author. Please include age, city, facts you want the readers to know. This can also include other publications or the writer’s own website/blog. We want to be good partners and help grow our contributing writers!

How to Submit

  • Submit articles to [email protected]
  • Articles can be submitted in a word doc, pdf or google docs.
  • Include the website in parentheses next to any product or service you are recommending. For example, “My favorite go to meditation app is Headspace (https://www.headspace.com/)….”
  • You will receive notice within 3 weeks if we have chosen to publish your content.
  • Articles should be engaging with a strong lead in and approximately 500 -750 words.
  • Don’t forget your bio line!