Full Moon Musings

Full moon musings: A new year with Capricorn, Cancer and two retrogrades, oh my!

The 99% Full Moon

I am fairly new to the ancient wisdom surrounding moon phases, astrology and planet alignment. I find it interesting to think through what the science is behind shifts in energy that might lead to behavior and mindset changes. Is the gravitational pull more or less in each of the moon phases and does this affect our thoughts, energy levels, emotional and biological responses? Ask someone who works in an E.R. and they will confirm they have an increase in visits during a full moon cycle. Ancient civilizations have valued moon cycles for centuries for their meanings to the seasons. But apparently I really haven’t been paying attention. The more I thought about it and read stories, I decided it was time to learn more. Last night, I attended a full moon sound healing, tarot card reading with spirit messages to the collective souls of everyone in the room. That’s a lot to unpack and understand. I was happily surprised I had two friends interested and agreed to attend with me to see what it was all about.

This event coincided with the Full Wolf Moon on January 6, 2023. The first hour was a sound healing session which I had done several times before (see below for details on that). While the sound healing was taking place, a spirit guide was taking note of spirit messages she was hearing from our collective souls and collective spirits (or angels, if you prefer). She also chose from a Tarot deck to give us a reading. There were about 15 people in the room; all of us interested in health and wellness. Some may have attended to heal body or soul, some may have just been curious; but here we were, all together wondering what the spirits had to say to us.

About the moon phase, what I learned is that we are in the season of Capricorn, a practical, no-nonsense decision making sign. In addition, full moons tend to unveil things that were previously hidden from view. This first full moon of the year is taking place in Cancer’s sign, which is a sign that desires emotional comfort and security. These are combing to reconnect every sign with their gut feelings.¬†Where the practical meets emotional, we were reminded to trust our gut when making decisions. We learned that Cancer is a water sign and which can symbolize history, ancestry and traditions. Add in that Mercury is in retrograde, a common disruption of communication and this might be why I am having a hard time making big decisions. There was so much information shared but I specifically enjoyed the messages and especially the collective group’s message of, “…no soul left behind”. This was more meaningful as it was shared with friends I have known for 30+ years. Friends who keep in touch through time, distance and differences in opinion in truly a no souls left behind way! How perfect was that message?

Several of the tarot cards had very applicable meaning. One card being drawn was a symbol of crossing over a river and safely leaving behind the old to move onto the new (something we often strive to do each new year). Another tarot card was chosen that symbolized creativity and playfulness, something I had actually been contemplating on my drive to this event. So much being shared than I can put into one post, but after the event my friends and I had a download session to talk about how we perceived what we heard and felt, as well as what it might mean to each of us. It was interesting how we filtered the info and used it to validate some of our current narratives instead of challenging ourselves. I thought about this on the drive home and I believe with time, we will all be more openness to challenge our current thoughts and dig deeper for meaning. Perhaps this event planted some seeds. But with outside influences, the messages were a good reminder to listen to our intuition and trust our gut instinct. What do you think about coming together as a group with a collection of souls? Do you think that is a powerful meeting – some friends and strangers deciding to attend the same event? Are we all a part of something bigger?

The highlight of the event for me was the sound healing portion. Lying on a yoga mat, unplugged from the world while listening to tones and feeling vibrations is a magical experience. Bringing the body into parasympathetic mode and the mind into a meditative state helped to reset my nervous system and turn off my “never-stop-thinking” brain. It’s so restorative and relaxing, I really think everyone should give it a try and add to their wellness toolbox.

Overall, what a lovely event to reconnect with myself, dig deeper into feelings and actions and relax my mind and body. I slept so soundly and appreciate how sound can be a great tool toward long term health and wellness. I opened my mind to give myself grace and time in decisions and committing to spending time creating and playing in new year!