Organic Skincare can keep you safe from hidden toxic chemicals

Why Organic Skincare?

While struggling with weight and hormone related issues, I came across the 21-day Hormone Reset offered by Dr. Sarah Gottfried.  This reset has 7 areas of focus that might be causing hormonal issues that are tackled every three days.  Some of these focus areas were ones I had expected since they are very common to most people trying to lose some weight, like limiting alcohol, red meat and sugar.  Most of us have heard the warnings on these before.  What was surprising to me were the focus “resets” that were about products in our home and even more eye-opening, was the reset time and information spent on eliminating toxic personal care products.  Lotions, skin care, cosmetics and nail polish have all been a huge part of my life.  I remember keeping my nails painted since about the third grade and applying a full face of makeup nearly daily at least since late high school.  After hearing some very interesting, and startling, information on toxic chemicals in cosmetics and skincare, I began to wonder what I have been exposing myself to over the decades trying to pursue the perfect look. I began to seriously start looking at organic skincare as an option.

Chemicals in our skincare?

There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market.  How many of these are used for beauty care? Look at a label of an item you use daily; recognize all the ingredients?  I certainly didn’t!  I then thought of all the fun, new things in beauty I couldn’t wait to try.  Keratin hair straightening for my naturally curly hair, skincare that would lighten and even my skin tone and lessen my freckles, treatments to grow my eyelashes, and gel manicures so I wouldn’t have as much maintenance, to name a few.  Not to mention all the anti-aging, wrinkle reducing creams and lotions and the contouring craze that is all over YouTube.  I was willing to try any and all of these.  Wow, the amount of chemicals I was putting on my body was mind blowing.  Maybe you don’t indulge in these “look better” fads but what about your teens or the young women close to you?  A few studies were particularly eye opening as I began my own research into organic skincare.  Read this blog to find out what the research says.

Why I created the Paxi Organic Skin Care line

That research got me thinking of all the chemicals I was exposing myself to every day. I decided to start using more natural products and headed to my local natural store and checked out some of the hottest online natural beauty sites.  Surprisingly, many of the so-called natural products I looked at still had an alarming number of ingredients that weren’t pure, and I found only a handful that I would truly classify as organic skincare.  Products that were organic were VERY expensive.  And others didn’t provide the coverage or moisture I had been used to with other types of products.  Never afraid of rolling up my sleeves and diving in, I began creating my own facial oils and creams using only organic products.  I tested these on myself and my friends, coming up with formulations for different skin types.  Based on this I have created a line of organic skincare products using Organic Ingredients at a price that is affordable and allows skin to thrive.  I am currently working on perfecting other skin care solutions and have also partnered with a lab, working with them to create some additional USDA Certified Organic cremes and lotions.

Introducing and the Paxi Skin Care Line.  Order some today and let me know what you think!  Feel free to contact me with any questions through [email protected].